This blog addresses the political and social issues that impact women in our world and emphasizes the continued development and protection of gender equality in all aspects of a woman’s life.

Gender equality was fervently broached in the 70s and great strides were made by the revolutionary thinkers of that time. Yet passivity and ignorance has caused the contemporary women to ignore the issues of inequality still lingering at the start of the 21st Century.

If care is not taken to ensure the continued development and protection of these newfound rights, they could disappear just as quickly as they appeared in the last few decades.

My one great desire is to see my daughters grow up in a world that acknowledges them based on their potential as humans and does not overlook them simply because that potential is housed in the form of a woman.

about Stella…

StellaStella is the proud mother of four children. She was married to Paul at the young age of 16 and had her first beautiful child by the time she was 18. After the birth of the oldest two, she and her family moved to various countries in Central America to do humanitarian work. This is also where Stella and Paul adopted their two younger children, one from Haiti and the other from Panama.

After all the little nestlings flew the coop for school, Stella headed off to school too. She took advantage of the opportunity to finally attend college where she excelled in her studies, was invited to Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society, and was chosen as a regional member of the year in 2003. Stella also had the honor of being appointed to the All-Missouri Academic Team in 2003.

Stella loves to write. She joined her college newspaper where she took first place in News Writing and Editorials, as well as placing in several other areas, on a regional level. Stella’s bragging rights grew to include a national award for layout and design and the prestigious appointment as a Leader of the Student Press of North America by the Associated Collegiate Press.

Stella was also a columnist for Kaieteur News, one of three national newspapers in Guyana, South America. Her column addressed the various political and social issues that effect this developing country and its beautiful people.

Although Stella has lived in four countries and several states over the years, she and her family now live in Texas.  In 2008, Stella opened a used bookstore that specializes in used, rare and collectible books.  She took a couple years off from writing, but is thrilled to be writing again.


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