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This changes everything…women can marry whomever they want

Of course I was jubilant when I heard the news that the UK had passed a new law prohibiting forced marriages. However, who could have thought it would make such a splash in such a short amount of time.

Read this article about a woman who was held prisoner by her parents because they wanted to force her to marry a Muslim man instead of the Hindu man to whom she is engaged.

If we keep on in this direction, we may yet find gender equality in the near future.


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The devil never knew what was coming

Now these are my kind of women. After years of fighting and killing, the men of Liberia were not able to find a peaceful resolution. Hmm, I wonder why? Maybe it had something to do with the fighting and killing.

However, the ladies decided they were not going to sit on the sidelines and wait any longer. They took a stand for peace. They took a stand for their children. They took a stand for their country. The following is a trailer for the documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Watch and learn guys…

For those who want more info on this documentary, here is the Facebook page.

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The Catholic Church decides for women…again

The “official” word is in and the Catholic Church has declared it a sin for a woman to do anything but have babies.  Isn’t that just peachy?

Abortion is wrong, stem cell research is wrong, in-vitro fertilization is wrong, the morning after pill is wrong and birth control is wrong.  Geesh, I wonder how many women were in on the decision making process concerning this issue?  Well, since it is also a sin for a woman to be a priest – much less a bishop or in any other real leadership position – I bet the number of women involved in this decision are pretty close to zero.

As such, I wish someone would tell me once and for all why – as a woman – I should take anything that comes from the leadership of the Catholic Church seriously.  And please don’t tell me they speak for God cause I am way past that nonsense too.

Link to article on the Vatican’s issues with Bioethics

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