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Eliminate Barriers To Women’s Full Participation In Global Economy

Is it just me or does this article make it seem the only reason these people are considering gender equality is for the economic benefit?

LIMA (Peru), Nov 21 (Bernama) — Gender discrimination is costing Asia-Pacific economies US$80 billion annually because women are excluded from economic opportunities to participate in the workforce and in business.

Alarmed with such a state of affairs, ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Forum have called for the removal of barriers to women’s full participation in the global economy and society.

Wrapping up their two-day meeting ahead of their leaders’ summit this weekend, they scorned at marginalisation of women and called for more members of the fair sex to be involved in Apec’s decision-making process.

“We also reaffirm our commitment to the goal of gender integration into the Apec process,” they said in a joint statement issued here Thursday.

Luis Tsuboyama, Director of Gender at the Apec Secretariat, said during a presentation in May in Peru that “not investing in women limits the economic growth opportunities and slows down the progress in poverty alleviation.”

She suggested that women should embrace the digital economy and know the Internet not only from an user point of view but also as a marketeer whereby they can make money by just selling someone else’s merchandise via the web.

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Of course, I agree with the economic benefit of counteracting the marginalization of women on a global scale, but I cannot help but wonder if this issue would be considered at all if the economic impact was insignificant.


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