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It is about time some women have a good body image

I had to share this article with you this morning from the New York Times on research showing feminists are more likely to be open-minded about weight in females.

So what they are saying is that feminists are not taken in by the insidious drive to make all women look like they have figures of little boys instead of how nature created them – with curves and strategically placed bumps? Guilty as charged.

Why is this so shocking? Feminists reject all social expectations placed on women that force them into unrealistic roles and to happily swallow the ideology of patriarchal rule.

Could it be that feminists have more self esteem and therefore do not see the need to cater to this damaging image of so-called beauty? Or could it be that feminists simply understand that men had better like women for who they really are or they will be shown the door?

Either way it is obvious that it is feminists who have their heads on straight about this issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the world’s women continue to do anything they can to please their patriarchal masters – even starve themselves.

I’m not worried though, I believe women will see true equality within my lifetime if we just keep up the good fight.


March 25, 2008 at 12:36 pm 1 comment

How Maureen Dowd lost her groove

It takes a special type of person to be a columnist. Not only must a columnist have the usual thick skin of any journalist in the newsroom, she or he must also have a sharp mind that never stops working and a wit that can make an unpopular thought seem palpable.

I love reading the opinion pages – and of course, the New York Times has some of the best in the world. In my eyes, Maureen Dowd has been the best of the best for years. Well at least until Hillary Clinton became an official presidential candidate. That is when Dowd lost her ability to be objective and in the process lost her groove.

Dowd’s total lack of objectivity toward Hillary Clinton, combined with her love fest for Barack Obama, has harmed her credibility immeasurably. Personally, I think a columnist should attempt to remain as neutral as possible on political races, but if that is not possible, at least appear somewhat objective.

Maureen Dowd cannot seem to do this when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Not groovy. Not groovy at all.

I am not suggesting that Dowd must write raving reviews of Senator Clinton, agree with the Clinton platform or even vote for Clinton. But is it really necessary to make Obama the shining hero of almost every column and Clinton the crusty villain?

It seems my favourite columnist is as blind about what her readers want from her as George Bush is about what the American people want from him. Is there no open-minded people left in America? Not even the columnists?

I suppose for the next few months I will have to choose another columnist to be the best of the best and Nicholas Kristof seems like just the right person. He seems to still have his objectivity intact and he is brilliant. His columns are always worth reading – like Dowd’s use to be.

How does Maureen Dowd get her groove back? It will happen the day she gets her objectivity back.

March 21, 2008 at 11:52 am 5 comments

What does this woman want in a car?

It seems the automotive industry is finally taking women seriously when it comes to buying cars. I remember years ago I went by myself to by a car and was totally ignored at the first dealership I visited. I decided to take my husband with me to the second dealership (the first one was not worthy of my money now) and I got tons of attention. I was not amused.

I bought the car I wanted from the second dealership and then drove by the first dealership to let them see all of the money they did not make from my sale.

It drives me crazy when I hear commercials suggesting women care more about cup holders than performance or safety when buying a new vehicle. In fact, new information seems to suggest that women take longer to decide on what car they want and visit more dealerships when shopping around to get the best deal. If there is one thing I know how to do – it is shop.

I love those commercials for the 08 Cadillac CTS where Kate Walsh (of Grey’s Anatomy) not only shows she is informed on the features of the car, but that she can be sexy and informed at the same time. It is about time the automotive industry started giving women the attention they deserve. It’s only a few decades too late.

What do I want in a car? I want something that looks great and drives even better. I want the convenience of a luxury car without breaking the bank. I want a plush interior that can be easily cleaned when the family gets out of the car. I want comfort AND functionality. I want a car that plays my iPod without fumbling through the glove compartment. I want a car that I know I can depend on to will get me from A to B over and over again without a worry. In a gist – I want it all!

But most of all, the next time I go to buy a car by myself, I want the salesperson to take me seriously as a female consumer.

March 18, 2008 at 7:32 pm 5 comments

Prostitution is not about glory, it is all about gory

Earlier this week I posted a link to a New York Times opinion piece about “Kristen,” the high-priced prostitute of the now former NY Governor.  The opinion piece focused on the fact that prostitution is not a victimless crime.

Today in the New York Times, Kristof does a thorough job of taking this thought one step further. Here is the link.

March 16, 2008 at 12:17 pm 1 comment

Gas = oppressed women

I just spent $56 to fill up my gas tank yesterday. Little did I ever think that this outrageous price was costing a lot more than just $56.

How oil keeps women oppressed and isolated 

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Little girls for slaves. Slaves for wives. Slaves for life.

If we as humans ever come to think too highly of ourselves and our advancements in technology, all we have to do for a good reality check is understand that thousands upon thousands of young girls are still being forced into marriage even in the 21st century.

It is one thing for the cultural norms of a society to demand parental over oversight concerning such an important decision, but when little girls who have no idea whatsoever about what a marriage relationship entails are forced to marry complete strangers – this is cruelty to the nth degree.

This week, Britain has acknowledged that something must be done to crack down on girls who are disappearing from that country to be married off by force. It seems one young lady who was forced into marriage 12 years ago when she was barely 15 is trying to help other little girls by highlighting this serious issue.

In India this week, a 9-year-old girl was rescued just in time before her parents stopped her education and forced her to marry. Isn’t it bad enough that throughout most of the world women are considered property, expected to obey their husbands and must clean house and cook food instead of using their brains for something more important? Must little girls continue to be forced into marriage to total strangers against their wills too?

Here is a blog I found on this issue. Notice how the poor girl in the photo looks terrified.

I have seen this in South America too – and for money! One case included a crotchety old man of 73 who paid a school-girl’s family monthly payments to marry their daughter. And the parents found this acceptable!! We are surely more wretched than any other animal on this Earth.

March 13, 2008 at 12:01 pm 1 comment

The myth of the victimless crime (prositution)

With the latest scandal of the governor of New York caught in the middle of a prostitution ring – spending as much as $80,000 on high priced prostitutes – there are some who are taking a second look at whether prostitution really is a victimless crime or if that line is just another lie men have fed society to justify their treatment of women.

Here is a New York Times article on this subject.

March 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm 8 comments


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