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Women, History and Curiosity

This is a wonderful editorial I read today in Kaieteur News, a newspaper in Guyana, South America.

Women, History and Curiosity
Kaieteur News – December 12, 2007

The release of the new movie, “The Golden Compass”, based on the first book of the trilogy by the writer Philip Pullman, has generated some controversy. Expected by many to succeed the Harry Potter phenomenon in publishing and cinema, Pullman ‘s works, however, are quite a cut above Rowling’s.

He explores the universal curiosity of the human mind to discover “truth,” and the evidently just as universal reaction by authorities to quell that curiosity. While Pullman has apparently chosen the Church as the protagonist for the suppression of curiosity, it might have been any authority – especially governments with their drive for control.

The problem, it appears, is that curiosity explores new worlds and brings to light new ideas and concepts. It becomes a dangerous weapon to challenge the centuries-old traditions and outdated values. Societies and privileged classes make attempts to block the process of curiosity using religious and social sanctions and implementing laws that suggest ‘not to cross the border of existing knowledge’…


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