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Hip-Hop, Religion and the Subjection of Women

BlameWhere should the finger point when blame is being distributed for the subjection of women? Surely there is someone to hold culpable for such an archaic view against half of the world’s population.

Do we blame the men who hold to these views? Yes, of course. However, the truth is that they are only acting on what they have been socialised to consider acceptable since there are aspects of society which continues to promote the second-class position of women.

Should we blame hip-hop music, which objectifies women? Last week I heard a radio interview with a Georgetown University Professor and author, Michael Eric Dyson, who spoke on this subject…


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If you are looking for women, don’t look on the sports page

Women’s British OpenI do not like golf very much. If I am going to watch a sport, it needs to have a lot more action to keep me interested for a long period of time. Otherwise, I will be off to find something else to do that can maintain my short attention span.

However, although I do not like golf – I certainly become interested when women start making the headlines on sports pages around the world, which is the case right now because of the Women’s British Open. Normally, I would not give any sports page much more than a cursory glance.

Why should I give the sports page any attention – or for that matter a sports report from a news show on television? I probably have more pencils in my desk drawer than there have been articles on women athletes in my local newspaper this year.

I watch the news almost every day on television. Sometimes I watch the local news, sometimes the national news and sometimes the international news – just to keep up on what’s going on around me. A few weeks ago I was watching the local newscast in which all of the news stories had been covered, the feel good piece was done and the weather had been forecast, so guess what time it was…

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A blog celebrating the freethinking women out there!

Ladies Wine GlassesIf you are a female and an freethinker, this blog is for you! After thousands of years of abuse, misogynistic religious attitudes, educational deprivation and being treated like property, women are finally getting the opportunity to blossom like the beautiful flowers they have been all along. The blog is dedicated to the strength and intelligence of the woman. It’s time to stand tall, to dance uninhibitedly and to give a dainty applause to the other half of the human race.

I’ve enjoyed reading many of the intelligent blogs out there including, Beep! Beep! It’s Me, A Whore in the Temple of Reason, and Intergalactic Hussy (ladies, please comment with the link to your blog so I can add you to my reading list). It’s about time we got recognized for something more than just beauty. The beauty of women has long been acknowledged. However, by giving a woman recognition for just the shallow shell of a fading attribute and no more is just as demeaning as giving her no recognition at all. Though many men still find it hard to reconcile beauty and intelligence in the same female, there is no doubt at all that women will one day be on equal par with their male counterparts – in relationships and in the office…

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