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First Female President of India Sworn In

I have good news for you today; and I have bad news as well. The good news is that India swore in its first female president this week. The bad news is that not many women in India see this event as offering a promising future for them.

Pratibha Patil, India’s new president, has said, “We must banish malnutrition, social evils, infant mortality and female feticide.” These are nice sounding words, so why is it that more women in India do not see Patil as a step in the right direction?

According to a July 25 USA Today report, Madhu Kishwar, editor of Manushi, a feminist and human rights magazine, said, “She was chosen for her loyalty and has moved from one post to another because of that same loyalty.” It would seem that some women in India expect Patil to be more loyal to the government than to them…


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Women need the right costumes in life

A fellow male columnist of mine recently touch on the topic of appropriate workplacemasks.jpg dress for women and I knew immediately that I would of course have an opinion about what he had to say. In fact, this is an issue in which I believe many women struggle.

My collegue said, “I saw a lovely young lady in a government office last Friday. She had on this lovely blouse that fitted firmly on her upper body. It was complimented by tight fitting jeans that seemed to highlight every curve, crease and bulge in her lower body. If I was working in the same office with that girl in the close-fitting attire, I would have enormous difficulty concentrating.”

In a world where society dictates fashion through magazines by shoving plunging necklines and stiletto heels at every woman’s subconscious, it can be quite difficult to translate that image into a conservative workplace environment.

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